Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I just wanted to talk about something that has been going on in my head for so long. Im like the biggest football fan eva, and i've come to notice that african footballers have established themselves in such a way that is amazing. Take Didier Drogba for example. Apart from the fact that i think that he is one of the best players in the world, he playa for a club that i love so much. Chelsea. I watched the African cup of nations and i saw him and Samuel Etoo in action and it was just amazing watching them. I jst found that i could not take my eyez off the TV set cos apart from the fact that they are both cute, they are very incredible players. Samuel Etoo plays for Barcelona. They have a very good team as well but personally i think that Chelsea and Barcelona would be left lagging behind without Etoo and Drogba.
Apart from Etoo and Drogba, there are also some nigerian footballers i love. I love Mikel Obi. He plays with Chelsea at the moment but he is doing very good for himself. He is not a "bench warmer" like some other players. There is also Obafemi Martins. He is one of the best young players nigeria has and they should be thankful. Also there is Taye Taiwo. All these players proved their skills at the African Cup of Nations in Egypt and also at the Juniour World Cup were we came 2nd . We would have won but the like i said (every1 sayz 2) the referee was racist i think. Another guy is Joseph Yobo but i like him more for his looks rather than his talents.
The older players who cannot forget are JJ Okocha and Kanu Nwankwo. Unfortunately, Okocha is playing in Qatar at the moment. Dnt know why he decided to go there. I bet he is regreting it now!

(Samuel Etoo doing his thing!)

(Obafemi Martins)

( Didier Drogba)

(John Mikel Obi)


Our movie industry is growing. Apart from the fact that there are so many people this dayz in naija calling themselves actors/actresses (while they know nothing about acting), they are making beta movies....i think. But one thing i find funny is the fact that the nigerian actors are already comparing themselves to the Hollywood actors/actresses. i wonder how they can compare themselves because in nigeria, i think it takes like 2 weeks to shoot a movie, while actors like Nicole Kidman, Will smith and all research for the characters they are going to play for a period of time, and then shooting starts. Shooting takes at least 1yr. I read an article where it was said that some of them were startin to make set demands like the Hollywood actors.

Apart from all these facts, our movie industry is growing. I have watched way better movies now. There was a time i was put off naija movies because of actors like Jim Iyke and Rita Dominic.
I used to like Rita dominics movies but all that changed when i went to the 2004 Nottinghill Carnival. She was ther with Jim Iyke, JJC and the 419 Squad and some other people. Her attitude at that event made me decide that i didn't like her anymore. As for Jim Iyke, he just has issues he needs to deal with. Some one tell him to stop trying to fake an American accent!!! its not working!!

I know this is old news, but before Genevieve Nnaji became the face of Lux, she and Omotola fought it out. I personally was in support of genevieve because she was younger so she would appeal to younger people more than Omotola will. I say this because she (Omotola) has 4 kids right? So yeah. Enewayz, genevieve emerged victorious and the world was back to normal again!!