Sunday, February 11, 2007


Actually, i'm not reffering to those page 3 models on the Sun UK newspaper. I'm referring to the girls on the Nigerian Sun Newspaper. I don't know if you guyz have heard/know about the newspaper i'm talking about (in case you don't, just go to WWW.SUNNEWSONLINE.COM).

I think the big thing in Nigeria at the moment for girls is to be a Sun girl. I think its a way for the girls to have their popularity rise & a way for them to show of themselves off to guyz & get attention from them. Some people would do it for the fun of it though (i think). By the way, they do not get paid for having their pictures published in the paper.

All they have to do to have their picture in the newspaper is send in a full picture of themselves, their hobbies, their profession, height, likes, dislikes & phone number to the paper. All this (including their phone numbers) is published along side their picture.
As for the pictures, some are good while the others are just completely hilarious. When you look at some, u'll be like "what happened to all the fine gals in naija?" Personally, i think that the paper just publishes the pics without caring what the girls look like. If not that, the person who approves the pictures before they are published most be blind!! Really! Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that all the gals are wowo (ugly). Some are pretty, while the others are.........well.................. no comment. But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so i leave you guyz to judge. Here are pictures of some of the Sun girls. So tell me, who wowo pass????????


Barrack Obama is running for the US Presidency in 2008 and i hope he wins. I know that it doesn't seem possible because he is an African American. Here are little details about him i'm sure you guyz already know:

1) He's black (Most important aspect)

2) Born in Hawaii

3) Father was from Kenya & mom from America (both parents are dead now)

4) Grandmother still lives in a village in Kenya (he's seen her just 3 times by the way)

5) 5th US Senator in History

(Dosen't that show how backwards the western world (especially America) is even though they claim to be in the "light". )