Sunday, June 10, 2007


There was this story i heard about some writer like that, who was married to a Jamaican guy who was like i think more than 10 years her junior. The guy later left her for another guy. As if that wasn't enough, he took her to court cause he wanted a settlement from the woman. The woman (don't remember her name) wrote a book about it, & i heard about this from the Oprah show. The woman & the guy both came to the show & she was telling Oprah that the guy married her for her money & to get an American Passport.The guy said that that was not the case. the woman then said that she was sure that the guy knew he was gay when he married her. Oprah asked if he knew he was gay & he couldn't answer. The story goes on & on but thats not the point. I just mentioned this because it will lead me to the question i would like to ask you guys.

QUESTION: What would you do if someone you were dating left you for another person of the same sex??? How would you feel??? Send in your thoughts & comments.