Sunday, August 19, 2007


How does one define freindship?? I think the simple definition is when people know all about you, but like you anyway. I think you need freinds as much as you need your food. I don't mean fake freinds. Real freinds. I remember back in the days when i used to think that it was fine being alone. I felt that i could take on everything by myself, & i convinced myself that i was fine being alone. Without freinds. Not that i did not want freinds but i did not know who to trust. You get me? It made me feel sad. I later realised that by sharing some of my burdens & anger with real freinds, i feel way much better. I know that my problem have not been solved but it just made me feel better inside.

You know, when i was younger, i used to think i was a quiet person cos i had no one to talk to. I read a lot of books & i felt better reading them. In one of the 1st posts i wrote when i started this blog, i talked about the issue of RACISM. In the post, i mentioned that i went to a girls private school the first time i came to school in England. That was were my loneliness began. Back at home in Nigeria, i had loads of frreinds from my old school & people always wanted to hang around with me. I was "Popular". I put it in quote cos i hate that word.

So, it was a change for me when i came here cos first of all i was surrounded my loads of white faces & they were so different from me. We were brought up in different ways. What i found funny, they didn't. What they found funny, i did not find funny. Lucky i had a room to myself in the dorms so i would always lock myself in the room. I hated school because i could not fit in. I was always chosen last for anything. I felt at first that it was because there were not laods of blacks there (it was the countryside), but later i changed my mind. They just didn't like me. I didn't like them too. I still keep in contact with some of the girls (who i could stand then). Not necessarily because i like them but because we do not know what the future brings.

Things have changed alot for me. Now i'm all loud & bubbly & people are always like to me "i thought you were quiet" & i would be like "yeah i thought so too". I talk so much that my friends tell me "ok, shut up". This is all because i kept so many things inside me & felt that i could combat loneliness but now i know bettter. It took time for me to get to where i am now, but i'm happy i've got there. I've got amazing freinds who i know are real & would be there for me. God knew that Adam would be lonely if he was alone, so he gave him Eve.

Yeah i have fights with my freinds but thats what freinds do; fight and then make up. If you have a freind that does not tell you the truth, they are not real. Being "REAL" is very important. If you have a good freind, cherish that person/people. Freinds are a gift from God.