Sunday, March 25, 2007


Hope you guyz are all having a great weekend. I really don't have anything to talk about so i haven't written anything since my last post. My life has been so boring lately. Nothing to do. Just lazing about. Oh yeah, i also wanted to say thank you to all of you guyz who keep visiting my blog & also thank you to the ones who left their comments on the issues i have discussed in my posts.

Like i was saying, nothing interesting has been going on in my life so there is nothing for me to blog about. I heard from someone that there is a show called "NIGERIA'S NEXT TOP MODEL"which would come on sometime in April. I was suprised. All i had to say was "mehn, we are really trying oh!" First we had Big brother, then Idols West Africa, & then this. I'm sure there has been other shows its just that i've not heard about them. I'm a bit slow in getting current news (i think almost everyone knows about the show already except me. As usual) cos im in a different world altogether. Well, i checked on the net for the details about the show & all, and i saw the pics of the girls. I looked at the pics of the girls for a full 10mins. The girls were not ugly, but i have to say, they are not pretty either. Enewayz, here are the pics:

The picture above is way better than the one below. Or don't you guyz think so? In the one below, they look like all those Nigerian masquerades (forgive me if the spelling is wrong). While in the picture above, they look more like human beings.

Well, i checked & i think there is nothing else that i'm missing. If there is, pls someone inform me. There is nothing for me to do to make my life interesting at the moment. I feel lost & empty. Actually the word is i feel BROKEN & UNAPPRECIATED......................

I wish i could just erase all the thoughts from my head & make it all go away...................Wish my dreams would come true................................ most importantly i want to be more APPRECIATED.

Hope you guyz never have to feel this way. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.