Monday, May 07, 2007


May is here....Hurray!!!! Not! I know this month just started but i don't see anything special about it. My life has not changed in any way. Still the same........boring... but i just thank God that at least i am alive to see May. With the rate people are dying in the world at the moment, & the amount of disasters that occur each day, one should be very thankful to see each new day. So to get on with what i want to talk about...... CHURCHES. This posts shows my opinion on the flocks of churches in Nigeria. You do not have to agree with me. We all have a right to our own opinions. Here goes: (Excuse the typos)

There has been a rise in the amount of churches in 9ja so one gets confused as to which church to go to. You also see people performing different sorts of miracles. Some i find very hard to believe to be real. I have to admit that i am not a church goer. I think the last time i stepped into a church was back in naija & that was like way back. Me not going to church does not make me less religious than someone who goes to church. Actually i pray very well but i believe in praying at home. No church for me. Why??? Because there are so many things going on at the moment. People perform all sorts of miracles in church, then everybody rushes to that church, then the next thing you know, we find out that they pastor is a ritual killer or something. I remember my mom always used to tell us that it does not matter if the pastor is an adulterer, a ritual killer or whatever, because we are not going to the church to worship the pastor but God but i strongly disagree & i told her that. I believe people's churches & pastors influence them. The church that my parents were going to when i was born was run by this really popular pastor who every one was going on & on about. This pastor died when he was having sex with a woman that wasn't his wife. What does that tell us???
So many things i see put me off going to churches. I don't know if you guyz know about this christian channel called "LOVEWORLD" owned by pastor Chris Oyakilome of CHRIST EMBASSY. I came across this channel a while back & i watch it with intensity. My mom tried making me come to Christ Embassy with her but i refused. Later on, i started watching pastor Chris preach & i was like wow, this guy knows what he is talking about. I was actually tempted to go to the church with my mom (my mom has been to like all the churches in the world i believe) but then i noticed something while watching the LOVEWORLD channel & this put me off. Its not like i'm paranoid or something but my sisters & brothers noticed the same thing as well (they watch the channel also & we all share the same beliefs about the going to church thing). Well i noticed that all the top pastors in the church (including pastor chris himself & his brother Rev ken) all spotted the same hairstyle......Jerry-curled hair. I know some people would say so what??? But the thing is that i have never been to any church (trust me, i have been to laods because of my mom) where all the top pastors spotted the same hair style. Personally, i felt there was something behind it & so did my family (except my mom of cause). Even my dad (he watches the LOVEWORLD channel too) had something to say about it. I just found it absolutely weird & i was like, i'm never going to that church or any other church. Fine they do the miracles, barren women get pregnant, the blind end up seeing but so what??? Sometimes yes the miracles do bring tears to our eyes because you are so happy for the healed people i do find some of the miracles & testimonies dodgy. There was one where a guy said that he was born without testicles & as prayer was going on his testicles appeared fron no where. I'm sorry but i find it incredibly hard to beleive. Did he put his hands insides his pants as the prayers were going on to know if his testicles have reappered? One other woman said that she had lumps in her breasts but as prayers were going on, it dissapeared. Both the man & woman's miracles happned during a crusade as prayer was going on & immediately they recieved their miracles, they came up to the podium to give their testimonies. Did the woman take off her bra in the middle of the crusade to check for the lumps or did the guy put down his pants in the middle of the crusade (mind you there are like thousands of people there) to check if his testicles had reappeared? And can men be alive without their testicles in-tact???? In my previous post, i talked about the guy cutting his penis off. I'm sure he would have been dead if it wasn't reattached in the end so how did this guy live without testicles since he was born? My dad says that sometimes some of the miracles are real while he believes that the other people are paid by the pastors to say they recieved miracles.
I would have to say i'm sorry if this post upsets any church goer or Christ Embassy goer. I know God said we should not judge but there are some things that we see that one just has talk about. I'm not saying going to church is wrong, but i also don't believe that by not going to church, i'm commiting a great sin or my prayers won't be answered by God. This days people use churches as a way of making money thereby decieving the people who come into their churches.