Saturday, April 07, 2007


Loads of stuff have been happening in naija lately. I decided to bring you guyz the news in pics cos i know that it would take me forever to write down everything that has been going on. I have also included some pics of current " SUN GIRLS". To view more pictures of other "SUN GIRLS", visit

The Nigerian Police Force have changed their Uniform from the all black to blue and black. Personally, i don't see how changing the uniform of the policemen would improve their performance & stop them collaborating with robbers. Instead of our president (Obasanjo) spending money on new uniforms, why not retain the old ones & use the money he used to get the new ones to pay the Police men so that the crime rate will go down in nigeria? I'm not impressed at all.

Governor Donald Duke has launched the Tinapa Project. The pic above is from the launching. The project includes a Tinapa Studio where i heard films can be made. As usual Obasanjo was there, with his big fat stomach. The man has the whole of naija in his belly.
Governor Donald Duke of Cross River state has really done alot. First he built the Obudu Cattle Ranch which from what i hear is amazing, & then this. I know of course he would be pocketing a bit of money but at least he as done a lot of things that we Nigerians would remember him for. I think he is a good example to most Governors in naija.

The picture above shows an unidentified Local Government official collecting Fuel as he tries to locate the point where a pipeline was vandalized in Lagos. He dosen't look like a local government officail right? Well, the picture shows fuel pipeline investigation, naija style!

The picture above shows Miss Goodnews Udom who is the reigning Miss Akwa Ibom & Miss Lacasera. What do they mean by Miss Lacasera? From what i heard, there is a drink in naija called Lacasera. Is she the queen of the drink or what? Well, the girl said that she goes everywhere with bodyguards because she gets "TOO MUCH" (mark i wrote it in capital letters) attention from guys. Who does she think she is? Britney spears????? Isn't it enough that we have to endure the fact that she is Miss Lacasera?????
This picture shows the girls dormitory at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). The dormitories have been in the news alot this days because the girls have to deal with a lot of sexual harrasment & rape from most of the guys. I feel very sorry for them. According to the news, loads of the girls have been attacked lately.
The girl in the pink top is looking at the camera as if she is going to beat up the photograper or something. The girls also live in dirty surroundings as you can see from the picture. I'm sure rats make a big part of the room furniture.

The guy in the picture above is a soldier who murdered another guy over N10 (10 naira). He entered a bus in Lagos and refused to pay the N40 bus fare because he was a soldier. The conductor of the bus told him he had to pay. The guy then payed N30 & decided not to pay the rest. An argument ensued & the soldier slapped the conductor. One of the passengers in the bus told him that he had no right to slap the conductor just because he (the conductor) told him to pay N10. The soldier turned on the passenger & stabbed him to death. Thats naija for you. Lawless!

This is a picture of today's Sun Girl. What's with the background? & didn't anyone tell her that ankle boots are not meant to be worn with the sort of dress she's wearing??? Someone call the Fashion Police!!!!

The picture above shows another Sun Girl. She's cute, don't you guys think???? I have nothing bad to say. Who agrees with me?

Ok, this is another Sun Girl. I've been trying to understand why her hands are up there then i got a brain wave! Maybe she's about to do the Matrix! What do you guys think?

This picture is just sad. This man's wife was killed by young islamists in Gombe state. I first caught the story on Chioma's blog so i checked up on it more on the internet. His wife was a teacher in a school. During an Islamic Exam test, she was the one invigilating the exam. She caught 2 boys who were cheating. One of the boys wrote an Islamic writing from the Quaran on a paper & was passing it to another boy when she caught them. The took the paper away from them and threw it away. After the exam, the boys & the class started chasing her around the school saying she descredited to Quaran. The killed her & burnt her body. She left behind her husband, a 3 yr old son & and also a 10 month old baby (with the father in the Picture). May her soul Rest In Peace. Amen.