Monday, March 19, 2007


One day, my dad called me & my elder sis & told us we were going to study abroad, i was scared (not because i have never been abroad before) cos he said we were to complete our studies there. I had freinds in naija (my life was in naija) so i was not happy to leave them but i had no choice. I never knew i would have to deal with racism. My journey from one country to another started from there. The 2 countries were i recieved the most racist abuses was England & Dubai. Iwill talk about my experiences one by one.

Me & my sis went to a girls school in Plymouth Devon. The first thing i noticed when i got there was the fact that there were hardly any black people at all in Plymouth. In my school, there were just 8 black people (including myself & my sis). We were 7 nigerians & a girl from London. Naturally, as we were the only blacks in the school (there were mostly chinese & white girls) we stuck together. But the racism started from the school itself. From the woman that called herself our headmistress.
First, we (the blacks) we banned from hanging together cos the headmistress (i'll call her Ms Short) said that the teachers & other students complained that we were "intimidating" them by hanging together. We were told that if we were seen together, we will be suspended. That was just the beginning. We all lived in the school dormz, so we were suprised when one of our matrons resigned. She said Ms Short gave her a racist order to carry out against the black students.
Ms Short hated everything about us. She would scream at us & when we tried to talk, she would be like "SHUT UP, DNT TALK WHEN IM TALKING", but when the white girls wanted to speak, she would let them. This was racism in the school. Lets talk about outside the school now.
One day, i was walking to town to get something for school & some guyz in a car sped past me & threw coke on me while shouting "FREAK! GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY". I was so upset, i went back to the dormz. All this went on for a while. I was in Plymouth for 2yrs.
Later on, we complained to my dad, he told us to leave plymouth & we moved to London. I heard that the other girls left the school & im also happy to say that Ms Short lost her job. Im also happy to say that since i moved to London, i have never experienced racism.

Some people would ask me, "what were you doing in dubai?" Well, my dad said i needed a change so i went to live in dubai. Just me this time round cos my family stayed in London (they later moved to london). I started Uni there. Dubai is a very beautiful city & they have loads of international uni's in Knowledge Village (KV) like Middlesex Uni. Yes Middlesex has a branch in Dubai.
Enewayz, to continue with my story,i was in dubai, Loving the atmosphere & sky scraper buildings unlike the old buildings in London, i didnt know they would be worse than the people in Plymouth.
In the UAE (United Arab Emirates) it is almost impossible to get a job. Why? Because you are black. They prefer people who speak Arabic or white people. We blacks are taken as freaks. In the UAE the worst problems facing the black woman is the Arab men. Over there, their most of their women wear "Sheila & Abaya". Im sure you guyz know what im talking about. You know the black thing the women wear & cover their face with it? Thats it. So when the men see you are not wearing the Abaya, they immediately take you as a prostitute. They follow you everywhere while screaming "HOW MUCH?" The first time i experienced this, i felt so insulted. I thought they treated all women like this but later i realised it was the blacks that were being treated like this. Why? Some black women come over there as prostitues, but does that mean they should take every black girl they see as a prostitute? I felt this was just ignorance. I tried to deal with it but the worst aspect of it was the Indian & Pakistani drivers who think because you are black, they are above you, they also ask you "How much" for your services. This was racism at its highest for me. If it was the UK i would have loved to sue all of them for sexual harrasment but this is UAE were there is no democracy & Human Right Laws.
There was a time when i was walking past, minding my own business & some group of children started following me shouting racists insults & jumping up & down like monkeys. I was angry at them but i blamed their parents more cos they were teaching them to beleive that black were beneath them. I thought to myself, if i start screaming "SUCIDE BOMBER!" to every Arab that passes my way, i would have sinked to their level. And i am much higher than that. I decided to let it go. I would talk more about dubai in some other post.

We black people have been insulted too much. Why? Because of our colour. I think Enough is Enough! We should do something but also remember not to sink to the levels of those who are rascist to us. They are IGNORANT.