Sunday, April 01, 2007


Its a new month!! April here i come.I have prayed that this month would be a good one for me. I have to admit, January wasn't a very great month for me. Apart from the fact that i was ill on the 1st of January (sad), that wasn't the only thing that got messed up for me. Loads of stuff has been happening that i am not happy about. I know that we cannot control the daily happenings in our life, but we are in control of our destiny (i believe this strongly) so things will definetely change for me (for the better) by the grace of God.
I just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" to my fellow bloggers for their words of encouragement. I don't really know you guyz but i feel like i know you well already. I opened this blog out of boredorm, but now things have changed. I was feeling a bit down and that was why i commented on being unappreciated. I think one day, i would bring myself to explain what i meant by that, but i do feel better now (except from the fact that i think i'm getting a fever).
This are my prayers this month:
1) I pray that i don't fall ill cos i feel like i'm about to get a fever (Loads of headaches)
2) I pray someone suprises me in a good way this month (i've never had a suprise before)
3) I pray my dad travels soon
4) I pray he (my dad) buys me a new phone
5) I pray i see the people i have missed alot soon enough
6) I pray i catch up with my school work
7) I pray that the one thing i have been wanting will happen
8) I pray i stop "feeling" altogether
9) I pray i will be "WHOLE" someday
10) I pray that i am more appreciated this month

Well, thats what i have asked God to do in my life this month. When any of those things i have prayed for happens, i will inform you guyz. I hope you guyz have a great month as well.
Onto something else. I heard a story from one of my freinds about some Arab singer called Zekra. Well, according to my freind, this woman was killed in 2003 by her husband. Apparently, she was very popular in the Arab music scene. Well the story goes that she got married to some guy like that. She was already very popular when she married the guy. Enewayz, the bobo was very jealous of her music career, & he banned her from having guyz in her videos. He infact took control on the directing of her videos.
One day, i guess he got so jealous that he took a gun & pumped 26 bullets into her, 22 bullets into her secretary & 18 into her manager. He then shot himself. The woman was from Tunisia and he (her husband) was Egyptian.
I just felt that i had to share this story with you guyz. Its such a shame. I don't know how a man can do that to his own wife. He shot her 26 times!!! i don't get it. Did he hate her, or love her too much, or what???? What made him do it????