Sunday, August 19, 2007


How does one define freindship?? I think the simple definition is when people know all about you, but like you anyway. I think you need freinds as much as you need your food. I don't mean fake freinds. Real freinds. I remember back in the days when i used to think that it was fine being alone. I felt that i could take on everything by myself, & i convinced myself that i was fine being alone. Without freinds. Not that i did not want freinds but i did not know who to trust. You get me? It made me feel sad. I later realised that by sharing some of my burdens & anger with real freinds, i feel way much better. I know that my problem have not been solved but it just made me feel better inside.

You know, when i was younger, i used to think i was a quiet person cos i had no one to talk to. I read a lot of books & i felt better reading them. In one of the 1st posts i wrote when i started this blog, i talked about the issue of RACISM. In the post, i mentioned that i went to a girls private school the first time i came to school in England. That was were my loneliness began. Back at home in Nigeria, i had loads of frreinds from my old school & people always wanted to hang around with me. I was "Popular". I put it in quote cos i hate that word.

So, it was a change for me when i came here cos first of all i was surrounded my loads of white faces & they were so different from me. We were brought up in different ways. What i found funny, they didn't. What they found funny, i did not find funny. Lucky i had a room to myself in the dorms so i would always lock myself in the room. I hated school because i could not fit in. I was always chosen last for anything. I felt at first that it was because there were not laods of blacks there (it was the countryside), but later i changed my mind. They just didn't like me. I didn't like them too. I still keep in contact with some of the girls (who i could stand then). Not necessarily because i like them but because we do not know what the future brings.

Things have changed alot for me. Now i'm all loud & bubbly & people are always like to me "i thought you were quiet" & i would be like "yeah i thought so too". I talk so much that my friends tell me "ok, shut up". This is all because i kept so many things inside me & felt that i could combat loneliness but now i know bettter. It took time for me to get to where i am now, but i'm happy i've got there. I've got amazing freinds who i know are real & would be there for me. God knew that Adam would be lonely if he was alone, so he gave him Eve.

Yeah i have fights with my freinds but thats what freinds do; fight and then make up. If you have a freind that does not tell you the truth, they are not real. Being "REAL" is very important. If you have a good freind, cherish that person/people. Freinds are a gift from God.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hey guyz! sorry i've been out for so long. Missed blogging alot. Will be back very soon with new updates!! Thanks to everybody who wished me a Happy belated birthday! & to Ugo who kept telling me to update, i will be back like i said with new updates!! Take care people! *Mwaah*
xxx Chidi xxx

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I like what she's wearing..... comment

Green, white, & Green???.....Nigerian flag....Maybe it was Independence day!

I have nothing bad to say about her

Hmm...i think her dress looks like those Serena Williams wears to play tennis. What do you guys think???

Cowgirl, or what???????????????

NO COMMENT..............

Definetly underdressed.........what do you think???

Everybody was fung fu fighting!!!!!

She just woke from sleep!!!

Dnt know what to say..............
PS- my birthday has come and gone (20th june). I thank God for my life & everything he has done for me. Stay blessed!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Today, i decided to write about women willing to do anything to get married. I think marriage should be something that we go into with our eyes open not closed. What i mean by this is that we should know what we are getting into when we say we want to get married. These days, from what i heard, a lot of women do all sort of stuff so as to be able to get married because the society they live in makes them feel that they are not complete without a man by their side. Because of this, there are cases of women getting married to people who are meant to be their fathers, other women try to snatch their friends husbands from them & the list goes on & on.

I have a distant relation called Ada. I never knew that she existed until the day we went up to Scotland to visit my uncle. When we got there, she was introduced to us as our "sister". I have never met anyone so desperate to get married in my entire life till i met her. She kept talking about getting married, husband this, husband that. She also told me & my sis that she was not married yet not because she did not have any suitors but she wanted to finish her education. All the while, i was like "mehn, whats with all the husband talk?"
My uncle had this friend who was a footballer & he always came to visit my uncle. I then noticed that each time he came to the house, Ada would go & change into shorts & cropped or spaghetti tops. The funny thing was that all the while, the guy never even looked at her. This guy is like a very serious Church goer & he attends my uncle's church. One day, the guy came again to the house & as usual she changed to come out & meet him. I never knew my uncle noticed what she was doing & in front of the guy he screamed at her to go & change back into what she was wearing. I felt so embarrassed for her. To cut the story short, she failed in getting the guy. She kept telling me & my sis that by the end of that year, she would get married. We were like whatever!!! We then left Scotland & came back to London. Around 4 months later, i got a call from my uncle. I've tried to remember everything my uncle said to me that day but i can't (obviously) but here is what i remember:

UNCLE: Chidi how are you?

ME: I'm fine. What about J & J (his children)??

UNCLE: They are all fine. I just wanted to tell you that Ada is married now.

ME: Eh???? Ada is what?? Wasn't it just a few months back we left. What happened?

UNCLE: She got married to this business man who is in his early forties. (Mind you, this girl was in her early twenties). You are shocked right?

ME: Shocked ke? That is small compared to what I'm feeling now. I knew she wanted to get married but i did not expect her to get married so quick

UNCLE: you know its not her fault. Her parents have been pressuring her to get married so that she can take care of them.

I was so surprised. I knew the girl was desperate but i never knew she was that desperate. It doesn't end there. I got a call from her months later.

Ada: Chidi ke kwanu (how are you)?

Me: I'm fine how are you?

Ada: I'm fine. I just called to tell you that i got married & I'm pregnant (she did not know my uncle had already told me this. But i was surprised about the pregnant bit. I mean, so fast?) Remember i told you & O (my sis) that i would get married before the end of the year? (i can feel her smiling as she says this)

Me: Congratulations! I never knew you would get married so quick. I'll tell O.

Ada: ok, Bye!

She just called to tell me that she was married? I didn't get it. Was she that desperate? Did she expect me to start jumping up about shouting "Yes, Ada is married?"
I think its very sad that parents & society pressure women into marrying. Many women marry for the wrong reasons like money, age, comfort etc. I think that all this is due to Ignorance. There's something my dad says in igbo but it literally means that its good to have "gone out". He means gone out of Nigeria to experience other cultures & people so we know things others don't know. People abroad do well as single mothers, some women don't even want to get married. I don't mean that we don't need men. NO. I mean we as women do not have to think that without men, we are not complete.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


There was this story i heard about some writer like that, who was married to a Jamaican guy who was like i think more than 10 years her junior. The guy later left her for another guy. As if that wasn't enough, he took her to court cause he wanted a settlement from the woman. The woman (don't remember her name) wrote a book about it, & i heard about this from the Oprah show. The woman & the guy both came to the show & she was telling Oprah that the guy married her for her money & to get an American Passport.The guy said that that was not the case. the woman then said that she was sure that the guy knew he was gay when he married her. Oprah asked if he knew he was gay & he couldn't answer. The story goes on & on but thats not the point. I just mentioned this because it will lead me to the question i would like to ask you guys.

QUESTION: What would you do if someone you were dating left you for another person of the same sex??? How would you feel??? Send in your thoughts & comments.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


I've been sitting here for ages now trying to think of something to blog about, but my brain is not responding at the moment. Maybe it will later on, but for now its not so i decided to read the Nigerian newspapers online. I checked THE PUNCH newspaper's online site ( I came across a post asking talking about how long courtship should last & they gave different stories of people wanting to get married but their families not agreeing because they felt that the courtship wasn't long enough. Here is one:

Agnes was in a fix. Having dated Steve for seven months, they agreed on a registry wedding. Agne's parents agreed because she had just turned 32 but Steve's father disagreed. He said they should wait 2 years to discover each others likes, dislikes & to understand each other well enough.
"But i've made the old man realise that we know ourselves inside out. I've spent many weekends at Steve's place; we quarelled, settled scores & understand each other well. We begged the old man and assured him of our love for each other. At a point, he said we should wait for seven more months. I was shocked because by then, i would be past my 3rd trimester. we had decided not to tell him that i was expecting Steve's baby. I was getting agitated but Steve begged me to be patient with his father, who was an Anglican priest."
"We want a registry wedding because of the pregnancy & needed to speed things up because we planned to hide this from everyone", she said.

What do you guys think?? Do you think the guys father was wrong to tell them to wait for 2 years to get to know each other better? Personally i don't think so because with the rate of divorces each year & people living an unhappy life in their homes, i think its worth having a long courtship to understand the person you are going to end up with. But i would like your opinions on this. How long should a courtship last? What about people who are in long distance relationships? Should long or short courtship apply to them? What about if the man or woman says that they can't wait long. What will you do? What if you are pregnant (as in the story above) what then will you do? Will you marry the guy quickly or wait to get to know him better even if it means you entering your "3rd trimester" (as in the story above)????

Sunday, May 27, 2007


L You know, we all tell ourselves that life is too short to be unhappy, to be miserable, etc. I know i say that to myself like everyday but still i'm not doing anything different.

I remember asking my myself, what if i died today, what would i have achieved? What would i be remembered for? Would people miss me? Am i going to go to hell? Each day, i tell myself that i must change things in my life but each time, i realise i'm still doing the same thing i vowed to stop doing. If i died today, what would i have achieved? All i have ever done with my life is go to school, sleep, move from one country to another. Same thing.

I do beleive that God is keeping me alive for some reason or else i would have been dead since. I remember the first experience that i had when i almost looked death in the face was when we (i mean my family) were travelling to some state in 9ja that i don't remember at the moment. I was around 8 because i remember that my last brother was just born then. I was not sitting with my family but away from them. I don't remember why. The plane started having problems because there was bad weather. I remember people in the plane were crying & screaming. Our househelp (she was like part of our family) was clutching my brother & praying & my mother was praying. When it became too much for her, she started crying. I could not see my other sisters or dad. I remember one of the air hostess, walked up to me & buckled my seat belt & said to me, "dont worry, nothing will happen". I did not get what she was on about and i didn't understand why the plane kept shaking. I was not crying, but i was clutching my can drink with brutal force cos i didn't want it to fall cause i liked the drink. I remember, when the plane landed, everybody was clapping & couldn't wait to get off the plane. I would have died that day if not for God. My life is not worth more than the other dead people or the other ones who have died in Plane crashes like the "BELLVIEW" & "SOSOLISO" crashes in 9ja.

Another brush i had was when we came back to 9ja & i got this really bad malaria. I used to laugh because the white people treat malaria as if its cancer, but i stopped it after that. I got so sick that to get up from my bed was a very big problem & i felt as if someone was hitting m head with a hammer because of the headaches. As if that wasn't enough, i ended up being in the same room with a snake. i mean a viper. Only God knows how it entered our house talkless of getting on top of my cupboard. I never knew snakes climbed walls. If my sis did not come into the room & go near the cupbaord, only God can say what would have happenned to me. I thanked God because the snake was in the room with me (the lights were off cos it gave me more headache) for God knows how long & it didn't bite me. So you see, if the snake didn't kill me, the malaria would have killed me for sure but i'm now here blogging about it.

I look back at all this & tell myself things have to change in my life. From now on, i need to do things that i want. I'm tired of doing what everybody wants me to do & i'm tired of being unhappy. I might disappoint some people along the way, & maybe make wrong discisions along the way. But its my life. If i make mistakes, i will learn from them. We don't live life twice in this world (this is my belief) so we have to take control of our destinys. When i finally die, i want to look back at my life (wherever dead people go) & be content with myself. I don't want to be somebody who has so much and still have nothing. I want to leave the earth knowing that i am at peace with myself, that i am no more in pursuit of happiness (because i am now happy) & that i'm somebody my children would be proud of.

P.S- I'm sorry i haven't updated in a while. I started this blog in januaty & i've just had 29 posts. I need to commit more to this blog & i will. At least till i get bored of it.

Monday, May 07, 2007


May is here....Hurray!!!! Not! I know this month just started but i don't see anything special about it. My life has not changed in any way. Still the same........boring... but i just thank God that at least i am alive to see May. With the rate people are dying in the world at the moment, & the amount of disasters that occur each day, one should be very thankful to see each new day. So to get on with what i want to talk about...... CHURCHES. This posts shows my opinion on the flocks of churches in Nigeria. You do not have to agree with me. We all have a right to our own opinions. Here goes: (Excuse the typos)

There has been a rise in the amount of churches in 9ja so one gets confused as to which church to go to. You also see people performing different sorts of miracles. Some i find very hard to believe to be real. I have to admit that i am not a church goer. I think the last time i stepped into a church was back in naija & that was like way back. Me not going to church does not make me less religious than someone who goes to church. Actually i pray very well but i believe in praying at home. No church for me. Why??? Because there are so many things going on at the moment. People perform all sorts of miracles in church, then everybody rushes to that church, then the next thing you know, we find out that they pastor is a ritual killer or something. I remember my mom always used to tell us that it does not matter if the pastor is an adulterer, a ritual killer or whatever, because we are not going to the church to worship the pastor but God but i strongly disagree & i told her that. I believe people's churches & pastors influence them. The church that my parents were going to when i was born was run by this really popular pastor who every one was going on & on about. This pastor died when he was having sex with a woman that wasn't his wife. What does that tell us???
So many things i see put me off going to churches. I don't know if you guyz know about this christian channel called "LOVEWORLD" owned by pastor Chris Oyakilome of CHRIST EMBASSY. I came across this channel a while back & i watch it with intensity. My mom tried making me come to Christ Embassy with her but i refused. Later on, i started watching pastor Chris preach & i was like wow, this guy knows what he is talking about. I was actually tempted to go to the church with my mom (my mom has been to like all the churches in the world i believe) but then i noticed something while watching the LOVEWORLD channel & this put me off. Its not like i'm paranoid or something but my sisters & brothers noticed the same thing as well (they watch the channel also & we all share the same beliefs about the going to church thing). Well i noticed that all the top pastors in the church (including pastor chris himself & his brother Rev ken) all spotted the same hairstyle......Jerry-curled hair. I know some people would say so what??? But the thing is that i have never been to any church (trust me, i have been to laods because of my mom) where all the top pastors spotted the same hair style. Personally, i felt there was something behind it & so did my family (except my mom of cause). Even my dad (he watches the LOVEWORLD channel too) had something to say about it. I just found it absolutely weird & i was like, i'm never going to that church or any other church. Fine they do the miracles, barren women get pregnant, the blind end up seeing but so what??? Sometimes yes the miracles do bring tears to our eyes because you are so happy for the healed people i do find some of the miracles & testimonies dodgy. There was one where a guy said that he was born without testicles & as prayer was going on his testicles appeared fron no where. I'm sorry but i find it incredibly hard to beleive. Did he put his hands insides his pants as the prayers were going on to know if his testicles have reappered? One other woman said that she had lumps in her breasts but as prayers were going on, it dissapeared. Both the man & woman's miracles happned during a crusade as prayer was going on & immediately they recieved their miracles, they came up to the podium to give their testimonies. Did the woman take off her bra in the middle of the crusade to check for the lumps or did the guy put down his pants in the middle of the crusade (mind you there are like thousands of people there) to check if his testicles had reappeared? And can men be alive without their testicles in-tact???? In my previous post, i talked about the guy cutting his penis off. I'm sure he would have been dead if it wasn't reattached in the end so how did this guy live without testicles since he was born? My dad says that sometimes some of the miracles are real while he believes that the other people are paid by the pastors to say they recieved miracles.
I would have to say i'm sorry if this post upsets any church goer or Christ Embassy goer. I know God said we should not judge but there are some things that we see that one just has talk about. I'm not saying going to church is wrong, but i also don't believe that by not going to church, i'm commiting a great sin or my prayers won't be answered by God. This days people use churches as a way of making money thereby decieving the people who come into their churches.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Hope you guyz are having a great weekend. I had nothing to blog about, so i decided to catch up on the news on Yahoo! I came across the story below. I don't know if you guyz have heard it before but i still wanted to share it. When i read it the first time, i could not help laughing my head off, but then i reread it & stopped laughing. Only God knows what drove a man to run into a restaurant so as to cut his penis off. Well, here is the story:

The man charged into a branch of a pizza and pasta chain Zizzi in a touristic area of central London on Sunday.

"This guy came running in then charged into the kitchen, got a massive knife and started waving it about," diner Stuart McMahon told The Sun newspaper.

"Everyone was screaming and running out as he jumped on a table, dropped his trousers and popped his penis out.

"Then he cut it off. I couldn't believe it."

Police said a man aged 30-40 was injured through self-inflicted wounds. He was taken to a south London hospital.

Zizzi said the knife-wielder was thought to have no connection to the restaurant.

Staff stopped him entering one kitchen, then he ran into a second kitchen area, the chain said in a statement.

"The man then picked up a kitchen knife and slashed himself across the wrist and groin areas before running back into the restaurant, where he continued to stab himself.

"This happened in a matter of seconds and was obviously extremely frightening and distressing for the many customers and staff in the restaurant at the time.

"The police arrived in a matter of minutes and took the man away.

"Apart from the man, we understand that no-one else suffered any physical injuries."

Weird isn't it??? I just found it Bizzare. I'm sure you guyz have heard Faze's "KOLOMENTAL" (great song by the way). I just had to borrow the bit from the song which says "omo na mental case", cos i believe thats the case here.

Monday, April 23, 2007

I've been having problems logging into my blog for a while now. Thats why i have not updated. You guyz should have more patience with me. The end of that story is coming soon, but not now. And Wienna don't let me vex ok??? Make sure you come back for the update & you should open your own blog:)
May the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre Rest In peace (Amen), & may God grant their families the fortitude to bear their losses. As for the Guy that did this (Cho Suing-Hui or whatever his name is..) i pray that he burns in HELL! He killed himself after killing the students & professors. He has escaped justice from this earth but God (the ultimate Judge) is waiting to give him his punishment. I actually read in a newspaper that he came back to check if there were people who were alive so as to finish them off. Can you imagine? Satan really uses people to try & create havoc. The world is coming to an end. We should make Hay while the sun shines. Peace!

xxx Chidi xxx

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I read this somewhere so i decided to share it with you guyz. It is a TRUE STORY. It is a bit long but i did not want to cut anything out as its not my story. Here goes (excuse the typos):

Beatrice had always desired a loving relationship with her husband; that enviable relationship that is always common between campus sweethearts. "I have always longed for a loving husband & that was what mattered to me first before considering whether his wallet was fat or not", she began this day, looking worried. She actually spoke softly fighting back tears.

She said that when Okechukwu married her, she thought that she had finally got her wish. "He was all i had, my love, my life, the best thing that ever happened to me, or so i presumed. I wanted nothing else in the world then but him. I could remember the days when he used to call me on the phone & i would shout "Okey" in a loud voice. My mother would run out of her bedroom to warn me to lower my voice so that my strict father would not beat the living day light out of me, for calling a boy's name excitedly."

That goes to show how madly in love i was with Okechukwu. "Yeas i madly in love with him & all i wanted was to get married to my young & handsome lawyer whom i met as a jambite. I looked forward to the day when we would march down the aisle. We dated for 8 good years. I eventually joined okey, as i fondly called him on the same campus. He was 2 years ahead of me."

Beatrice's dream materialised when Okey paid her bride price. "I will never forget the comment my uncle's wife made on the day of my traditional wedding; "you have been all smiles", she remarked.

Beatrice was indeed glowing, very radiant & beautiful in her traditional attire. "I was barely 23 & ripe for marriage. Ripe to be Okey's wife. But i should have known better. the frown on my would be mother in-laws face was strong enough to kill a fly. She sulked as if i forced her son to ask for my hand in marriage. Maybe that was a good sign that all would not be well eventually.

The storm in Beatrice & Okey's marriage started as early as the time they were mean to be honeymooning. "That was when the realities of marriage dawned on me. i wanted to cal my poor mother but i opted not to. Mama was hypertensive. Such news would worsen her health & condition, & a divorce was inconcieviable & a taboo. I could remember her advising me that no matter what hapenned in my marriage, i should stay put & endure it. Her words still ring a bell. "Nne, no matter what happens to you, no matter how bad you are treated by your husband, stay in your marriage, don't leave. This is because such problems do fizzle out in the end. Know that with patience, one would overcome whatever matrimonial problem a woman may have. Every problem has an expiry date."

The first blow the marriage had was caused by Beatricce's in-laws, the elder sister of her husband. "I was called names but the worst happened when my husbdna's elder sister, whom i thought was the only one that liked me in the family also turned against me. She wrote to me & called me names. She never knew that her brother , my husband lost his job few months after our marriage, so that affected their monthly allowance. And without asking what exactly happened, they concluded i told him to stop the allowance."

That made me cry several times as okey did not tell his people the actual position of things. As if that wasn't enough, my husband sided with his people & began to see me as someone who brough ill luck to his house. "He reminded me how i brought the spirit of bad luck to his house & he was sacked from work. There was no name i wasn't called by the same man who told me he loved me & would do anything to make me happy as long as i remained as his wife.

After 7 years, the marriage became unbearable. Her husband made her his punching bag. "He got a job that kept him busy all day. I never complained about that but what hurt me was the fact that he would come home drunk & would beat me up mercilessly at the slightest provocation. Apart from his drinking habit, i also discovered that i had lost my husband to his bevy of girlfreinds & mistresses. If i dared ask him whether he was seeing other women, that would result in another punch. I was afraid of asking questions, afraid of even discussing with hi mas a woman would with her husband. My mind had flashed back repeatedly to that frown on my mother in-laws face on the day of my traditional wedding. Maybe the poor woman foresaw what i was going to suffer in her son's house. If i had known better, i wouldn't have found myself in this hell."

A day came when Beatrice confronted him & gave him a piece of her mind, but something terrible happened immediatley after that. FIND OUT NEXT WEEK.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Loads of stuff have been happening in naija lately. I decided to bring you guyz the news in pics cos i know that it would take me forever to write down everything that has been going on. I have also included some pics of current " SUN GIRLS". To view more pictures of other "SUN GIRLS", visit

The Nigerian Police Force have changed their Uniform from the all black to blue and black. Personally, i don't see how changing the uniform of the policemen would improve their performance & stop them collaborating with robbers. Instead of our president (Obasanjo) spending money on new uniforms, why not retain the old ones & use the money he used to get the new ones to pay the Police men so that the crime rate will go down in nigeria? I'm not impressed at all.

Governor Donald Duke has launched the Tinapa Project. The pic above is from the launching. The project includes a Tinapa Studio where i heard films can be made. As usual Obasanjo was there, with his big fat stomach. The man has the whole of naija in his belly.
Governor Donald Duke of Cross River state has really done alot. First he built the Obudu Cattle Ranch which from what i hear is amazing, & then this. I know of course he would be pocketing a bit of money but at least he as done a lot of things that we Nigerians would remember him for. I think he is a good example to most Governors in naija.

The picture above shows an unidentified Local Government official collecting Fuel as he tries to locate the point where a pipeline was vandalized in Lagos. He dosen't look like a local government officail right? Well, the picture shows fuel pipeline investigation, naija style!

The picture above shows Miss Goodnews Udom who is the reigning Miss Akwa Ibom & Miss Lacasera. What do they mean by Miss Lacasera? From what i heard, there is a drink in naija called Lacasera. Is she the queen of the drink or what? Well, the girl said that she goes everywhere with bodyguards because she gets "TOO MUCH" (mark i wrote it in capital letters) attention from guys. Who does she think she is? Britney spears????? Isn't it enough that we have to endure the fact that she is Miss Lacasera?????
This picture shows the girls dormitory at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). The dormitories have been in the news alot this days because the girls have to deal with a lot of sexual harrasment & rape from most of the guys. I feel very sorry for them. According to the news, loads of the girls have been attacked lately.
The girl in the pink top is looking at the camera as if she is going to beat up the photograper or something. The girls also live in dirty surroundings as you can see from the picture. I'm sure rats make a big part of the room furniture.

The guy in the picture above is a soldier who murdered another guy over N10 (10 naira). He entered a bus in Lagos and refused to pay the N40 bus fare because he was a soldier. The conductor of the bus told him he had to pay. The guy then payed N30 & decided not to pay the rest. An argument ensued & the soldier slapped the conductor. One of the passengers in the bus told him that he had no right to slap the conductor just because he (the conductor) told him to pay N10. The soldier turned on the passenger & stabbed him to death. Thats naija for you. Lawless!

This is a picture of today's Sun Girl. What's with the background? & didn't anyone tell her that ankle boots are not meant to be worn with the sort of dress she's wearing??? Someone call the Fashion Police!!!!

The picture above shows another Sun Girl. She's cute, don't you guys think???? I have nothing bad to say. Who agrees with me?

Ok, this is another Sun Girl. I've been trying to understand why her hands are up there then i got a brain wave! Maybe she's about to do the Matrix! What do you guys think?

This picture is just sad. This man's wife was killed by young islamists in Gombe state. I first caught the story on Chioma's blog so i checked up on it more on the internet. His wife was a teacher in a school. During an Islamic Exam test, she was the one invigilating the exam. She caught 2 boys who were cheating. One of the boys wrote an Islamic writing from the Quaran on a paper & was passing it to another boy when she caught them. The took the paper away from them and threw it away. After the exam, the boys & the class started chasing her around the school saying she descredited to Quaran. The killed her & burnt her body. She left behind her husband, a 3 yr old son & and also a 10 month old baby (with the father in the Picture). May her soul Rest In Peace. Amen.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Its a new month!! April here i come.I have prayed that this month would be a good one for me. I have to admit, January wasn't a very great month for me. Apart from the fact that i was ill on the 1st of January (sad), that wasn't the only thing that got messed up for me. Loads of stuff has been happening that i am not happy about. I know that we cannot control the daily happenings in our life, but we are in control of our destiny (i believe this strongly) so things will definetely change for me (for the better) by the grace of God.
I just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" to my fellow bloggers for their words of encouragement. I don't really know you guyz but i feel like i know you well already. I opened this blog out of boredorm, but now things have changed. I was feeling a bit down and that was why i commented on being unappreciated. I think one day, i would bring myself to explain what i meant by that, but i do feel better now (except from the fact that i think i'm getting a fever).
This are my prayers this month:
1) I pray that i don't fall ill cos i feel like i'm about to get a fever (Loads of headaches)
2) I pray someone suprises me in a good way this month (i've never had a suprise before)
3) I pray my dad travels soon
4) I pray he (my dad) buys me a new phone
5) I pray i see the people i have missed alot soon enough
6) I pray i catch up with my school work
7) I pray that the one thing i have been wanting will happen
8) I pray i stop "feeling" altogether
9) I pray i will be "WHOLE" someday
10) I pray that i am more appreciated this month

Well, thats what i have asked God to do in my life this month. When any of those things i have prayed for happens, i will inform you guyz. I hope you guyz have a great month as well.
Onto something else. I heard a story from one of my freinds about some Arab singer called Zekra. Well, according to my freind, this woman was killed in 2003 by her husband. Apparently, she was very popular in the Arab music scene. Well the story goes that she got married to some guy like that. She was already very popular when she married the guy. Enewayz, the bobo was very jealous of her music career, & he banned her from having guyz in her videos. He infact took control on the directing of her videos.
One day, i guess he got so jealous that he took a gun & pumped 26 bullets into her, 22 bullets into her secretary & 18 into her manager. He then shot himself. The woman was from Tunisia and he (her husband) was Egyptian.
I just felt that i had to share this story with you guyz. Its such a shame. I don't know how a man can do that to his own wife. He shot her 26 times!!! i don't get it. Did he hate her, or love her too much, or what???? What made him do it????

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Hope you guyz are all having a great weekend. I really don't have anything to talk about so i haven't written anything since my last post. My life has been so boring lately. Nothing to do. Just lazing about. Oh yeah, i also wanted to say thank you to all of you guyz who keep visiting my blog & also thank you to the ones who left their comments on the issues i have discussed in my posts.

Like i was saying, nothing interesting has been going on in my life so there is nothing for me to blog about. I heard from someone that there is a show called "NIGERIA'S NEXT TOP MODEL"which would come on sometime in April. I was suprised. All i had to say was "mehn, we are really trying oh!" First we had Big brother, then Idols West Africa, & then this. I'm sure there has been other shows its just that i've not heard about them. I'm a bit slow in getting current news (i think almost everyone knows about the show already except me. As usual) cos im in a different world altogether. Well, i checked on the net for the details about the show & all, and i saw the pics of the girls. I looked at the pics of the girls for a full 10mins. The girls were not ugly, but i have to say, they are not pretty either. Enewayz, here are the pics:

The picture above is way better than the one below. Or don't you guyz think so? In the one below, they look like all those Nigerian masquerades (forgive me if the spelling is wrong). While in the picture above, they look more like human beings.

Well, i checked & i think there is nothing else that i'm missing. If there is, pls someone inform me. There is nothing for me to do to make my life interesting at the moment. I feel lost & empty. Actually the word is i feel BROKEN & UNAPPRECIATED......................

I wish i could just erase all the thoughts from my head & make it all go away...................Wish my dreams would come true................................ most importantly i want to be more APPRECIATED.

Hope you guyz never have to feel this way. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Monday, March 19, 2007


One day, my dad called me & my elder sis & told us we were going to study abroad, i was scared (not because i have never been abroad before) cos he said we were to complete our studies there. I had freinds in naija (my life was in naija) so i was not happy to leave them but i had no choice. I never knew i would have to deal with racism. My journey from one country to another started from there. The 2 countries were i recieved the most racist abuses was England & Dubai. Iwill talk about my experiences one by one.

Me & my sis went to a girls school in Plymouth Devon. The first thing i noticed when i got there was the fact that there were hardly any black people at all in Plymouth. In my school, there were just 8 black people (including myself & my sis). We were 7 nigerians & a girl from London. Naturally, as we were the only blacks in the school (there were mostly chinese & white girls) we stuck together. But the racism started from the school itself. From the woman that called herself our headmistress.
First, we (the blacks) we banned from hanging together cos the headmistress (i'll call her Ms Short) said that the teachers & other students complained that we were "intimidating" them by hanging together. We were told that if we were seen together, we will be suspended. That was just the beginning. We all lived in the school dormz, so we were suprised when one of our matrons resigned. She said Ms Short gave her a racist order to carry out against the black students.
Ms Short hated everything about us. She would scream at us & when we tried to talk, she would be like "SHUT UP, DNT TALK WHEN IM TALKING", but when the white girls wanted to speak, she would let them. This was racism in the school. Lets talk about outside the school now.
One day, i was walking to town to get something for school & some guyz in a car sped past me & threw coke on me while shouting "FREAK! GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY". I was so upset, i went back to the dormz. All this went on for a while. I was in Plymouth for 2yrs.
Later on, we complained to my dad, he told us to leave plymouth & we moved to London. I heard that the other girls left the school & im also happy to say that Ms Short lost her job. Im also happy to say that since i moved to London, i have never experienced racism.

Some people would ask me, "what were you doing in dubai?" Well, my dad said i needed a change so i went to live in dubai. Just me this time round cos my family stayed in London (they later moved to london). I started Uni there. Dubai is a very beautiful city & they have loads of international uni's in Knowledge Village (KV) like Middlesex Uni. Yes Middlesex has a branch in Dubai.
Enewayz, to continue with my story,i was in dubai, Loving the atmosphere & sky scraper buildings unlike the old buildings in London, i didnt know they would be worse than the people in Plymouth.
In the UAE (United Arab Emirates) it is almost impossible to get a job. Why? Because you are black. They prefer people who speak Arabic or white people. We blacks are taken as freaks. In the UAE the worst problems facing the black woman is the Arab men. Over there, their most of their women wear "Sheila & Abaya". Im sure you guyz know what im talking about. You know the black thing the women wear & cover their face with it? Thats it. So when the men see you are not wearing the Abaya, they immediately take you as a prostitute. They follow you everywhere while screaming "HOW MUCH?" The first time i experienced this, i felt so insulted. I thought they treated all women like this but later i realised it was the blacks that were being treated like this. Why? Some black women come over there as prostitues, but does that mean they should take every black girl they see as a prostitute? I felt this was just ignorance. I tried to deal with it but the worst aspect of it was the Indian & Pakistani drivers who think because you are black, they are above you, they also ask you "How much" for your services. This was racism at its highest for me. If it was the UK i would have loved to sue all of them for sexual harrasment but this is UAE were there is no democracy & Human Right Laws.
There was a time when i was walking past, minding my own business & some group of children started following me shouting racists insults & jumping up & down like monkeys. I was angry at them but i blamed their parents more cos they were teaching them to beleive that black were beneath them. I thought to myself, if i start screaming "SUCIDE BOMBER!" to every Arab that passes my way, i would have sinked to their level. And i am much higher than that. I decided to let it go. I would talk more about dubai in some other post.

We black people have been insulted too much. Why? Because of our colour. I think Enough is Enough! We should do something but also remember not to sink to the levels of those who are rascist to us. They are IGNORANT.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Im sure everybody gets spam e-mails right??? We all know that spam e-mails could be on the list of the most annoying things ever, but i think "FORWARDS" are the worst. This is my opinion. People keep sending me all sorts of jokes & other stuff and ask me to forward it within 5-10 minutes or else i have bad luck for the whole day, or something "good" will happen to me, or what i've been wishing for will happen.
I hope i'm not the only one that finds this annoying. When i started getting forwarded messages like that from people, i used to read them cos i found them funny, but these days, when i open my mailbox & see it, i just delete it without opening it to read. There was a time i sent e-mails to some of my freinds asking them to stop sending me the forwards cos apart from the fact that it became annoying, it takes up too much storage space!!!!! Well it didn't work cos instead of stopping, they sent more. I also realised that sometimes i don't know the sender of the forwards, cos probably the person got my e-mail address from other forwarded messages.
So today, i was going through my mailbox & i saw two messages from one of my freinds. This person is a good freind & i haven't seen her for a while, so even though i'm against all those "forward this to 20 freinds & make a wish & it will come true" messages, i decided to read it. Guess what???? The 1st i found very funny (if you understand what going on in naija) while the other was....................i dunno.............. interesting i think. I was actually happy i didn't delete it before reading. I have decided to share them both with you guyz. The first one has to do with the happenings in naija. Here goes:

Prayer for you may either say amen or just laugh out amen..................all is allowed...........People will feel you like V-mobile, *May your coast be wide as MTN network, *May you Glo like Globacom, *May your enemies misbehave like Mtel, *May God create confusion in the garden of your enemies like PDP, *May your enemies not understand each other like Obasanjo & Atiku, *May you have victory over your enemies like Ngige, *May you never work in vain like Chris Uba, *May your life continue to increase like Nigeria fuel pump price, *May the glory of God never depart from you as corruption refused to depart from Nigeria, *Armed robbers will never loacte you as America cannot locate Osama Bin Laden, *May the peace of God dwell with you as poverty dwells in Nigeria. Amen

The second forwarded message is all about understanding something written as gibberish. We have to try & decipher it to know how strong our brain power is. I actually found it easy to read & i thought the whole thing was just weird but try to know if you find it easy or difficult to read. Here goes:

I CAN read it, can you? fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too. Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55% plepoe can. i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlays tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

Obviously at the end, it says "If you can read this forward it to 30 people", but i didn't bother. I have more important things to do.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Hey everyone!! Hope you guyz have been good. I've been very ill so for sometime now, i haven't been able to update my blog & i also lost track of what was happening out there in the world. I just found out that a version on Pop Idols/American Idols is going on in our dear continent Africa. I have to admit i was very suprised but i later realised that there was nothing to be suprised about cos we have had loads of stuff happen in Africa like when Big Brother came to us. I actually never got the chance to watch it myself but i was told that it was better than Big Brother UK.
But back to the subject at hand. The show is called "IDOLS WEST AFRICA".
I know that most of you (if not all of you guyz) have heard (i'm like the only one who didn't know about it) about the show. I also found out that it has been on for a while now & that from the 1st of March, the public get the chance to call in & vote for their favourites. I've been to the site & checked out some audition videos and they were hilarious. Some we good while the others were horrible. Reminded me of American idol a lot.
24 contestants have been chosen to go through to the next stage. Here are my fav's so far:

Oluwadolapo Ogunwale

Lara George (KUSH)

Sokari Briggs
Temitayo George

Oge Chigbue

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

hey guyz.......... thnx for your concern. I feel a bit better now. The cold has stopped (Thank God) but the throat infection's taking its time, but its all good. Nothing can bring me down.
I haven't updated in a while, cos i've been lying in bed tired and sick, but im back on my feet now. I need to check out what is happening in the world then i'll come back and update.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Happy Valentine's day to everyone! Hope you guyz all have a good time today. As for me, i will just lie in bed & feel sorry for myself cause i can't go out today. Why? I'm ill. I mean totally. I don't know why i chose this day to get sick. I have a killer cold & throat infection. I feel really bad but i said to myself "its valentines day so not even a killer cold can keep me down". Even though i can't go out, i decided to stay in & try to have as much fun as possible.

First, i decided to check out my blog. I found out that some fellow bloggers agreed with me about the girls on the piece i did "SUN GIRLS". Next, i decided to write another post to wish you guyz a happy valentine's day. But i ask one favour from all of you. Since i don't get to go out today, i hope you guyz can write in & tell me how u spent your day. Cos its good to know that not everyone is being as miserable as i am today. Many of my freinds are out today. We all planned something big for today, but i had to back out cos all of a sudden, i got ill. Enewayz, enough of that, before i depress myself even more.

In Nigeria, there was a pre-valentine's day concert. It was called HISTORY OF LOVE 101. The venue was "OCEANVIEW VICTORIA ISLAND LAGOS". Some of the people that performed at the concert were Donnell Jones, 112, Chante Moore & husband Kenny Latimore, D'banj, Paul Play Diaro etc. From what i heard, it was a pretty good concert, but i also heard that it was a bit too expensive. Thats by the side though.

There was also the 2007 Grammy Awards & the Bafta Awards. I heard Jennifer Huston won a Bafta award for the "Dream girls" & Forrest Whitaker won best actor for "Last king of Scotland". I surely hope that she wins when the oscars come up. I'm sure you guyz already know the winners of the Grammy Awards & probably Baftas as well, so i guess i don't need to to put them up here.

I couldn't get any pictures of the HISTORY OF LOVE 101 concert on the net but i guess it will come up later. But for now, i put up pictures of some of the celebrities at the Grammy Awards. I think Christina Aguilera looked nice & also Jennifer Hudson. Beyonce looked like she has her hair glued to her skull, while Nelly Furtado decided to wear peacock feathers to the awards. Bad idea!!!
Now i'm done with updating my blog, i need to go lie down & sleep. My throat is killing me. Once again, HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY people!!! Stay blessed.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Actually, i'm not reffering to those page 3 models on the Sun UK newspaper. I'm referring to the girls on the Nigerian Sun Newspaper. I don't know if you guyz have heard/know about the newspaper i'm talking about (in case you don't, just go to WWW.SUNNEWSONLINE.COM).

I think the big thing in Nigeria at the moment for girls is to be a Sun girl. I think its a way for the girls to have their popularity rise & a way for them to show of themselves off to guyz & get attention from them. Some people would do it for the fun of it though (i think). By the way, they do not get paid for having their pictures published in the paper.

All they have to do to have their picture in the newspaper is send in a full picture of themselves, their hobbies, their profession, height, likes, dislikes & phone number to the paper. All this (including their phone numbers) is published along side their picture.
As for the pictures, some are good while the others are just completely hilarious. When you look at some, u'll be like "what happened to all the fine gals in naija?" Personally, i think that the paper just publishes the pics without caring what the girls look like. If not that, the person who approves the pictures before they are published most be blind!! Really! Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that all the gals are wowo (ugly). Some are pretty, while the others are.........well.................. no comment. But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so i leave you guyz to judge. Here are pictures of some of the Sun girls. So tell me, who wowo pass????????