Wednesday, February 21, 2007

hey guyz.......... thnx for your concern. I feel a bit better now. The cold has stopped (Thank God) but the throat infection's taking its time, but its all good. Nothing can bring me down.
I haven't updated in a while, cos i've been lying in bed tired and sick, but im back on my feet now. I need to check out what is happening in the world then i'll come back and update.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Happy Valentine's day to everyone! Hope you guyz all have a good time today. As for me, i will just lie in bed & feel sorry for myself cause i can't go out today. Why? I'm ill. I mean totally. I don't know why i chose this day to get sick. I have a killer cold & throat infection. I feel really bad but i said to myself "its valentines day so not even a killer cold can keep me down". Even though i can't go out, i decided to stay in & try to have as much fun as possible.

First, i decided to check out my blog. I found out that some fellow bloggers agreed with me about the girls on the piece i did "SUN GIRLS". Next, i decided to write another post to wish you guyz a happy valentine's day. But i ask one favour from all of you. Since i don't get to go out today, i hope you guyz can write in & tell me how u spent your day. Cos its good to know that not everyone is being as miserable as i am today. Many of my freinds are out today. We all planned something big for today, but i had to back out cos all of a sudden, i got ill. Enewayz, enough of that, before i depress myself even more.

In Nigeria, there was a pre-valentine's day concert. It was called HISTORY OF LOVE 101. The venue was "OCEANVIEW VICTORIA ISLAND LAGOS". Some of the people that performed at the concert were Donnell Jones, 112, Chante Moore & husband Kenny Latimore, D'banj, Paul Play Diaro etc. From what i heard, it was a pretty good concert, but i also heard that it was a bit too expensive. Thats by the side though.

There was also the 2007 Grammy Awards & the Bafta Awards. I heard Jennifer Huston won a Bafta award for the "Dream girls" & Forrest Whitaker won best actor for "Last king of Scotland". I surely hope that she wins when the oscars come up. I'm sure you guyz already know the winners of the Grammy Awards & probably Baftas as well, so i guess i don't need to to put them up here.

I couldn't get any pictures of the HISTORY OF LOVE 101 concert on the net but i guess it will come up later. But for now, i put up pictures of some of the celebrities at the Grammy Awards. I think Christina Aguilera looked nice & also Jennifer Hudson. Beyonce looked like she has her hair glued to her skull, while Nelly Furtado decided to wear peacock feathers to the awards. Bad idea!!!
Now i'm done with updating my blog, i need to go lie down & sleep. My throat is killing me. Once again, HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY people!!! Stay blessed.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Actually, i'm not reffering to those page 3 models on the Sun UK newspaper. I'm referring to the girls on the Nigerian Sun Newspaper. I don't know if you guyz have heard/know about the newspaper i'm talking about (in case you don't, just go to WWW.SUNNEWSONLINE.COM).

I think the big thing in Nigeria at the moment for girls is to be a Sun girl. I think its a way for the girls to have their popularity rise & a way for them to show of themselves off to guyz & get attention from them. Some people would do it for the fun of it though (i think). By the way, they do not get paid for having their pictures published in the paper.

All they have to do to have their picture in the newspaper is send in a full picture of themselves, their hobbies, their profession, height, likes, dislikes & phone number to the paper. All this (including their phone numbers) is published along side their picture.
As for the pictures, some are good while the others are just completely hilarious. When you look at some, u'll be like "what happened to all the fine gals in naija?" Personally, i think that the paper just publishes the pics without caring what the girls look like. If not that, the person who approves the pictures before they are published most be blind!! Really! Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that all the gals are wowo (ugly). Some are pretty, while the others are.........well.................. no comment. But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so i leave you guyz to judge. Here are pictures of some of the Sun girls. So tell me, who wowo pass????????


Barrack Obama is running for the US Presidency in 2008 and i hope he wins. I know that it doesn't seem possible because he is an African American. Here are little details about him i'm sure you guyz already know:

1) He's black (Most important aspect)

2) Born in Hawaii

3) Father was from Kenya & mom from America (both parents are dead now)

4) Grandmother still lives in a village in Kenya (he's seen her just 3 times by the way)

5) 5th US Senator in History

(Dosen't that show how backwards the western world (especially America) is even though they claim to be in the "light". )

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hey everyone!!! Hope you are all gud! To those who are interested in football, Nigeria lost to Ghana. I know it was a freindly match but who cares??? We should have won. Enewayz, i didn't plan to talk about football today. I wanted to talk about something most of you would be more interested in (cos obviously some people hate anything to do with sports).
I noticed that wedding pics have been cropping up on the net so much. I also noticed one fact. The ones i've seen are posted mostly by nigerian couples. I didn't know wat to say (or think). I don't get the point! Why paste your wedding pics on the net for everybody to see?? I thought, maybe the couples love each other so much that they want everyone to see how happy they are or maybe they just want to make some people jealous (i dnt know. Maybe i'm missing the point here). Most of the pics were posted by nigerian couples abroad. One sure thing, they all seemed rich. So i thought again, do they want to show everybody how rich they are or what? I've cracked my brain so hard & still, i dont get it.
I have to admit, some of the sites were gud (cos the couples were fine) while the others were horrible. With a big H. I loved this one site though (apart from the fact that the guy is cute, the site is gud. really). Its I want you guyz 2 check it out and tell me what you think of this craze. Or should i call it fad???

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


U guyz need to watch dis! Its hilarious!! I was jst going through YouTube searching for videoa about Valentine's Day and i saw this one. You guyz should remember to leave your comments about the video!

FEBRUARY (Lots of Love)

Hi everyone!!! Happy February or wateva people say to each other at the beginning of each month! I haven't posted anything since the start of this month cos i have nothing to write about. I think i'm suffering from writers block. Lol!! Im serious, der's nothing 2 write about. Dis month, i've bn so stressed. So many things going on. It was so bad that i think 2 dayz ago, i was talking 2 a freind,& he made sum joke. I would normally laugh, but i just wasn't in the mood. He tried again. I didn't laugh. Again & again and was like "hmmmmm" & gave him a forced smile. He was so upset wid me dat he was lyk "you wouldn't recognize a joke even if it was right in front of u dancing naked!". I actually laughed at last. I know d joke is stupid & all but i found it funny. But dis seemed to annoy him more. I think d most annoying part 4 him, was d fact dat i kept laughing and laughing & i think he thot i thot he was stupid! I kinda did. A little bit! He dropped d fone on me. Hasn't called but i know he will soon. Its me!!
My sister told me that Ghana & Nigeria played yesterday. I actually thot they were going 2 play on d 2nd. I dnt know if she got the info correct, cos she alwayz gives me wrong info all d tym. I'll check it out. I hope Nigeria won though! Incase you guyz watched d match, tell me who won ok? Lots of love dis Feb!