Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hey everyone!!! Hope you are all gud! To those who are interested in football, Nigeria lost to Ghana. I know it was a freindly match but who cares??? We should have won. Enewayz, i didn't plan to talk about football today. I wanted to talk about something most of you would be more interested in (cos obviously some people hate anything to do with sports).
I noticed that wedding pics have been cropping up on the net so much. I also noticed one fact. The ones i've seen are posted mostly by nigerian couples. I didn't know wat to say (or think). I don't get the point! Why paste your wedding pics on the net for everybody to see?? I thought, maybe the couples love each other so much that they want everyone to see how happy they are or maybe they just want to make some people jealous (i dnt know. Maybe i'm missing the point here). Most of the pics were posted by nigerian couples abroad. One sure thing, they all seemed rich. So i thought again, do they want to show everybody how rich they are or what? I've cracked my brain so hard & still, i dont get it.
I have to admit, some of the sites were gud (cos the couples were fine) while the others were horrible. With a big H. I loved this one site though (apart from the fact that the guy is cute, the site is gud. really). Its I want you guyz 2 check it out and tell me what you think of this craze. Or should i call it fad???