Sunday, April 15, 2007


I read this somewhere so i decided to share it with you guyz. It is a TRUE STORY. It is a bit long but i did not want to cut anything out as its not my story. Here goes (excuse the typos):

Beatrice had always desired a loving relationship with her husband; that enviable relationship that is always common between campus sweethearts. "I have always longed for a loving husband & that was what mattered to me first before considering whether his wallet was fat or not", she began this day, looking worried. She actually spoke softly fighting back tears.

She said that when Okechukwu married her, she thought that she had finally got her wish. "He was all i had, my love, my life, the best thing that ever happened to me, or so i presumed. I wanted nothing else in the world then but him. I could remember the days when he used to call me on the phone & i would shout "Okey" in a loud voice. My mother would run out of her bedroom to warn me to lower my voice so that my strict father would not beat the living day light out of me, for calling a boy's name excitedly."

That goes to show how madly in love i was with Okechukwu. "Yeas i madly in love with him & all i wanted was to get married to my young & handsome lawyer whom i met as a jambite. I looked forward to the day when we would march down the aisle. We dated for 8 good years. I eventually joined okey, as i fondly called him on the same campus. He was 2 years ahead of me."

Beatrice's dream materialised when Okey paid her bride price. "I will never forget the comment my uncle's wife made on the day of my traditional wedding; "you have been all smiles", she remarked.

Beatrice was indeed glowing, very radiant & beautiful in her traditional attire. "I was barely 23 & ripe for marriage. Ripe to be Okey's wife. But i should have known better. the frown on my would be mother in-laws face was strong enough to kill a fly. She sulked as if i forced her son to ask for my hand in marriage. Maybe that was a good sign that all would not be well eventually.

The storm in Beatrice & Okey's marriage started as early as the time they were mean to be honeymooning. "That was when the realities of marriage dawned on me. i wanted to cal my poor mother but i opted not to. Mama was hypertensive. Such news would worsen her health & condition, & a divorce was inconcieviable & a taboo. I could remember her advising me that no matter what hapenned in my marriage, i should stay put & endure it. Her words still ring a bell. "Nne, no matter what happens to you, no matter how bad you are treated by your husband, stay in your marriage, don't leave. This is because such problems do fizzle out in the end. Know that with patience, one would overcome whatever matrimonial problem a woman may have. Every problem has an expiry date."

The first blow the marriage had was caused by Beatricce's in-laws, the elder sister of her husband. "I was called names but the worst happened when my husbdna's elder sister, whom i thought was the only one that liked me in the family also turned against me. She wrote to me & called me names. She never knew that her brother , my husband lost his job few months after our marriage, so that affected their monthly allowance. And without asking what exactly happened, they concluded i told him to stop the allowance."

That made me cry several times as okey did not tell his people the actual position of things. As if that wasn't enough, my husband sided with his people & began to see me as someone who brough ill luck to his house. "He reminded me how i brought the spirit of bad luck to his house & he was sacked from work. There was no name i wasn't called by the same man who told me he loved me & would do anything to make me happy as long as i remained as his wife.

After 7 years, the marriage became unbearable. Her husband made her his punching bag. "He got a job that kept him busy all day. I never complained about that but what hurt me was the fact that he would come home drunk & would beat me up mercilessly at the slightest provocation. Apart from his drinking habit, i also discovered that i had lost my husband to his bevy of girlfreinds & mistresses. If i dared ask him whether he was seeing other women, that would result in another punch. I was afraid of asking questions, afraid of even discussing with hi mas a woman would with her husband. My mind had flashed back repeatedly to that frown on my mother in-laws face on the day of my traditional wedding. Maybe the poor woman foresaw what i was going to suffer in her son's house. If i had known better, i wouldn't have found myself in this hell."

A day came when Beatrice confronted him & gave him a piece of her mind, but something terrible happened immediatley after that. FIND OUT NEXT WEEK.