Sunday, January 28, 2007



Hey everyone! Hope you are having a good weekend so far. I decided that i want to talk about some african entertainers today. I mean singers. I selected singers from Naija and our neighbouring country Ghana. When i named this article "Glo With Pride", i was actually referring to the naija entertainers. The naija singers are actually doing quite well for themselves i have to admit. 2face for example, is well known for his song "African Queen" which he won an MTV award for. Apart from that, he realeased great songs like "Ole" and "Nfang Mbano" (don't think i spelt it correctly but you guyz get the song i'm trying to tell you about rite?) which he sang the remix with Beenie Man and Reggie.

There is also D'banj. I love his song "Tongolo" but he has other ones like "Soko"(spelling wrong again i think), Paul Play Dairo's "Angel Of My Life" which i think he is best known for (I never heard of the guy till he did that song, so yeah) and also Sunny Neji's "Oruka". I promised myself that i will play it on the day i get married. I can go on for a while mentioning loads of good naija artists like StylPlus (can't forget them) and their "Imagine that" which everyone i've met so far loves by the way. Even my non-naija freinds that i've made listen to the song, luv it. But like i said at the beginning of this post, i want to talk about Ghanaian singers as well. It is a true fact that Ghanaians are well known in Africa for their talent in Hair Dressing (they keep winning the Golden Scissors Award like everytime), but as for singing, im not quite sure.

The main problem with the song of Ghanaian artists is the fact that they never sing in English so we never understand what they are talking about. Im trying to point out a fact that i'm sure many people have noticed and i think this is the reason why they haven't been able to go international. Don't get me wrong. There are very good Ghanaian singers like Ofori Amponsah, VIP, Kwabena Kwabena and Praye. I liked the tune of Ofori's song "Otologe", but that was it. Cos there was no english bit in the song, i never understood a thing he was singing about. I think this puts people off listening to their songs. In naija, we have different languages, but the naija singers always sing in either their language and english or pidgin english so at least we have an idea about what the singer is going on about.

If the Ghanaian singers tackle this, then they will have a wider audience listening to their songs, but if they don't, Ghanaians will forever be the only people listening to Ghanaian music.