Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Our compatriot, 21-year old Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi was hanged in Singapore on Friday, January 26, despite pleas from the Nigerian Government, the international human rights lobby and the media. The Singapore authorities simply behaved true to type, demonstrating once again zero tolerance for drug trafficking. Tochi's death has filled all Nigerians with a feeling of compassion, and in some instances outrage: first, there was the expressed concern that the young man did not get a fair trial, second, it was felt that the Nigerian government interceded on his behalf rather too late (where were they when the trial was still going on?); third, it is generally believed that the trial failed the ordinary man's test; the case against Tochi was not proven beyond reasonable doubt, the Singaporean authorities were too rigid in applying the law.
In the eyes of the Nigerian public, the Singapore President, S. R. Nathan, the Prime Minister Lee Loong and the Chief Justice Yong Pung How, are too blood minded. Tochi was sentenced to death by hanging for being in possession of 727 grams of diamorphine. The trial court itself established that he was not aware that the capsules that had been given to him by a certain Mr Smith in Pakistan contained hard drugs; he was told that they contained African medical herbs.
This should serve as advice for people travelling to & from anywhere in the world. DO NOT collect packages from people. No matter who they are, so we can avoid things like this. I heard from someone that a girl who i knew right back when i was in naija got caught at Manchester airport with cocaine. I happen to know that this girl comes from a very well known family in naija and so for sure, she was not planning to sell the cocaine. As for if it was for her own personal use, i don't know. Just let's be careful. May Amara Tochi's soul Rest In Peace.