Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hey everyone!!! Hope you are all gud! To those who are interested in football, Nigeria lost to Ghana. I know it was a freindly match but who cares??? We should have won. Enewayz, i didn't plan to talk about football today. I wanted to talk about something most of you would be more interested in (cos obviously some people hate anything to do with sports).
I noticed that wedding pics have been cropping up on the net so much. I also noticed one fact. The ones i've seen are posted mostly by nigerian couples. I didn't know wat to say (or think). I don't get the point! Why paste your wedding pics on the net for everybody to see?? I thought, maybe the couples love each other so much that they want everyone to see how happy they are or maybe they just want to make some people jealous (i dnt know. Maybe i'm missing the point here). Most of the pics were posted by nigerian couples abroad. One sure thing, they all seemed rich. So i thought again, do they want to show everybody how rich they are or what? I've cracked my brain so hard & still, i dont get it.
I have to admit, some of the sites were gud (cos the couples were fine) while the others were horrible. With a big H. I loved this one site though (apart from the fact that the guy is cute, the site is gud. really). Its I want you guyz 2 check it out and tell me what you think of this craze. Or should i call it fad???


Funmilayo said...

People have wedding websites to let the people they are inviting to their wedding know about their wedding events, and also to give them some more info about the couple (some folks don't know that much) its also a way to share your special day & how it came about with people that care about you. As far as the pics of the wedding are's for the same reason. If some folks don't care for it, then they should just click off to another website...nothing wrong with that.

In my head and around me said...

Emeka and Ngozi. I don't know them personally but I somehow got their wedding site address and visited a lot of times. They look really good together and of course, there's that memorable url:

So Sweet!!

confusednaijagirl said...

yeah mainly couples abroad do this. i think it depends on the couple though. it allows friends that are scattered all over to see the pics.

ada said...

I think its ok. i dont have a problem with couple's letting the whole world know about their love and union. Using the world wide wed is not a bad idea

Dami said...

its a bit tacky isnt it? they all tend to come from yankee based couples.
better stop or else i'll be accused of "hating" tackiness

beautyinbaltimore said...

Thank you for adding me to your blog roll. I will add you to my blog roll.
As far as Nigerian couples posting pictures on the web, I think its nice for family and friends who could not attend the wedding, to have a chance to see what they missed.

Klara said...

Ok!I fell in love with this pic..Makes me wannaa

Omodudu said...

I always wondered why people do this, and its even more interesting because. I am yet to see any wedding website of other Nationals. It is hard to talk abou tthis though because some Niaja chics are very passionate about this websites. For the person that says its informational, oh please.

Daddy's Girl said...

Actually I think it's ok - it's to let family and friends see what the day was like. I think it's just an easier way of getting the info across. I don't think it's all about showing off (ok well I guess it is sometimes). LOL

yankeenaijachick said...

Now, l can understand the vibe between Nigerians creating the whole wedding site thing but sha EmekaputsNgozi first . That's my favorite couple. So cute, very inspiring and makes me believe that true love is possible. Infact, it was the week after l saw their page. I prayed to God for my own love story and thank God he sure did answer my prayers.

Anyways, this one is small. Last summer, Aduare updated us on a constant basis with updates on Naija wedding. It was so krazy but all fun. Got some from her site. Check it out. later girl. loving ur blog.

Rotola and Deji
Folu and Ayo
Toyosi and Wole
Omos and Akin
http:// :)

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. I also was in love with this website. I saw it when my wedding website was mentioned on someones bloglist together with some other websites.

I am married to a nigerian but i am surinamese (Surinam,south america). The wedding website idea was mines because i am always busy with pictures and almost everything is done via the internet.

So it was very surprising for me to see that so much people also had wedding websites.

About the issues of it being more overseas couples i think it has to do with the fact that they keep in contact with there friends and family via internet. So why not share your special day with them via the internet also.

It might not happen so much in countries such as Suriname, Nigeria and others countries, because the people or not so busy with the Internet and if they are the Internet might be a bit to slow or there friends and fam. there don't really use Internet or don't have a pc at home or basically don't care for all this new technology. So the interest i think to create a wedding site is lessened.

Anonymous said...

another wedding website..........

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Another wedding website (This one is a must see) :

Anonymous said...

More wedding websites

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