Sunday, February 11, 2007


Actually, i'm not reffering to those page 3 models on the Sun UK newspaper. I'm referring to the girls on the Nigerian Sun Newspaper. I don't know if you guyz have heard/know about the newspaper i'm talking about (in case you don't, just go to WWW.SUNNEWSONLINE.COM).

I think the big thing in Nigeria at the moment for girls is to be a Sun girl. I think its a way for the girls to have their popularity rise & a way for them to show of themselves off to guyz & get attention from them. Some people would do it for the fun of it though (i think). By the way, they do not get paid for having their pictures published in the paper.

All they have to do to have their picture in the newspaper is send in a full picture of themselves, their hobbies, their profession, height, likes, dislikes & phone number to the paper. All this (including their phone numbers) is published along side their picture.
As for the pictures, some are good while the others are just completely hilarious. When you look at some, u'll be like "what happened to all the fine gals in naija?" Personally, i think that the paper just publishes the pics without caring what the girls look like. If not that, the person who approves the pictures before they are published most be blind!! Really! Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that all the gals are wowo (ugly). Some are pretty, while the others are.........well.................. no comment. But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so i leave you guyz to judge. Here are pictures of some of the Sun girls. So tell me, who wowo pass????????


azuka said...

Hilarious! The people who 'form' too much [at least to me] are usually those deficient in looks.

londonnaijachic said...

hmmm!pretty interesting pictures.Sun girl,na wha oh!

OmoIbadan said...

Its a simple matter, even fugly gurls deserve some love too;), especially at valentine. if u don't know, the average igbo trader at Alaba and upper Iweka doesn't give a flying fcuk about how fine the gal is, as long as his lolo has got a killer behind and chesticles to die for the rest is pure turenchi. I am very sure our "fine" sistas on Sun newspaper realize this too well.

Olawunmi said...

lol. i have been thinking about this for a while. have you noticed the names of all those girls? the majority have the most unreal sounding names ever.

glad i wasnt the only one pondering this issue. why do the majority of these women look so low-rent? lol.

exschoolnerd said...

lol..i heard they pay them like 2k sha..

some actually look nice while some others look.....hmmmm!!!

the whole idea of sun girl is to entice people to read...but some of them can make u not want to buy the paper sef.

beautyinbaltimore said...

Homegirl in the jean jacket is scary oh. She doing jojo eyes for a husband oh.

bimbylads said...

lol..all these babes, all of them woowo with capital W!

Dami said...

i think the question should have been which one no wowo

Daddy's Girl said...

LOL!!! Love these pics. I like the confidence of these chicks sha. As far as they're concerned, they're pretty damned hot!

yankeenaijachick said...

The sunnews chicks used to make me laugh in that almost all Nigerian girls age 18-23 are all models. Funny rite. No life, no future I must confess some used to be very pretty.

yankeenaijachick said...

@chidi, l thought l was the only one that used to look at sunnewspaper . That side column wiht all the various naija chicks age 18-23. Almost every naija girl is a model. It used to make me laugh until one of my friends made a forum about it. But , some of the chicks are attractive but a lot of them need some work to be done on their choice of weave-in to choice of makeup. Naija we de.

princess said...

Yea well, i no blame the babes o cos every body know say Naija hard. If thats d only way wey them go see man marry, they get to explore am now.
The people wey go suffer am na the Newspaper (The Sun) cos its actually poor image branding for them.

Sparkle said...

haha me I go talk my own, some of them need to work on t heir looks
why nigerians dey disgrace us like dat...some of tyhose girls wowo and dem put dem for front page
I mean page 3
look at dat girl with d underwear, I think its d 3rd picture
like DAMN what d hell is that?!
the next girl too
o ga o
Nice blog Chidi, really imteresting

Anonymous said...

Lol! Very funny. Bt i think some of dem ar nt doing it to get men ooooo, it may b to get popularity for der career. Bt dey dnt look Diva at all. Dey pose like if na by force.