Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Basketmouth on Naija movies

I love Basketmouth!! He does repeat his jokes sometimes but its all gud! You need to watch this video clip from "A Night Of A Thousand Laughs". What he says about the naija movie posters is true, cos when you see the posters, you dnt need to watch the movies anymore!


DiAmOnD hawk said...

i like basketmouth...i have a couple of the Thousand Laughs vcd... hilarious!!!!!

temmy tayo said...

Basket mouth is just a monkey, I can remember the first time i met him at my office end of year party. The guy finished me cos i called him ''brief''.

As for Naija movies ehn, e do well.

Thanks for stopping by girl.Nice blog by the way.

Naija Vixen said...

thanx 4 stoppn by,luvvn ur blog so far...nd 1 thing we both hav in common is guud 9ja comedy;-)

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

He sounds like a real laugh, and I need to laugh hard.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and welcome to blogville - sounds like your blog is a place I should be visiting regularly to get my naija latest.LOL.

Nilla said...

Basketmouth sure makes me

Thanx for stopping by my blog.

chidi said...

thank u, thank u! u guyz r far 2 kind! lol! thanx 4 visiting ma blog!