Tuesday, February 06, 2007

FEBRUARY (Lots of Love)

Hi everyone!!! Happy February or wateva people say to each other at the beginning of each month! I haven't posted anything since the start of this month cos i have nothing to write about. I think i'm suffering from writers block. Lol!! Im serious, der's nothing 2 write about. Dis month, i've bn so stressed. So many things going on. It was so bad that i think 2 dayz ago, i was talking 2 a freind,& he made sum joke. I would normally laugh, but i just wasn't in the mood. He tried again. I didn't laugh. Again & again and was like "hmmmmm" & gave him a forced smile. He was so upset wid me dat he was lyk "you wouldn't recognize a joke even if it was right in front of u dancing naked!". I actually laughed at last. I know d joke is stupid & all but i found it funny. But dis seemed to annoy him more. I think d most annoying part 4 him, was d fact dat i kept laughing and laughing & i think he thot i thot he was stupid! I kinda did. A little bit! He dropped d fone on me. Hasn't called but i know he will soon. Its me!!
My sister told me that Ghana & Nigeria played yesterday. I actually thot they were going 2 play on d 2nd. I dnt know if she got the info correct, cos she alwayz gives me wrong info all d tym. I'll check it out. I hope Nigeria won though! Incase you guyz watched d match, tell me who won ok? Lots of love dis Feb!


Klara said...

The month of Love ha??Bt I dont feel the physhe too, havent even blogged about it too..
By da way thanx for visiting simply Klara.
U r welcome..

Omodudu said...

Nice blog, when are we gonna get some more contents please. I wish I could help with the Naija match thingie. I am so not into sports.

azuka said...

Hope you've gotten over the stress?

I'd be angry too if I spent a lot of time trying to be funny and someone laughed at something that wasn't so funny...

chidi said...

@ azuka- yes i have, thank u
@ omodudu- no prob. I found out the match hadn't yet taken place by the tym i posted dis piece. By the way, Nigeria lost. So dissapointed! How could Ghana beat us???

Daddy's Girl said...

LOL at the conversation with your friend. Your reaction sounds like soemthing I'd do - sometimes I laugh at the oddest things, and don't laugh at stuff everyone else finds hilarious. Depends on the mood.