Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Happy Valentine's day to everyone! Hope you guyz all have a good time today. As for me, i will just lie in bed & feel sorry for myself cause i can't go out today. Why? I'm ill. I mean totally. I don't know why i chose this day to get sick. I have a killer cold & throat infection. I feel really bad but i said to myself "its valentines day so not even a killer cold can keep me down". Even though i can't go out, i decided to stay in & try to have as much fun as possible.

First, i decided to check out my blog. I found out that some fellow bloggers agreed with me about the girls on the piece i did "SUN GIRLS". Next, i decided to write another post to wish you guyz a happy valentine's day. But i ask one favour from all of you. Since i don't get to go out today, i hope you guyz can write in & tell me how u spent your day. Cos its good to know that not everyone is being as miserable as i am today. Many of my freinds are out today. We all planned something big for today, but i had to back out cos all of a sudden, i got ill. Enewayz, enough of that, before i depress myself even more.

In Nigeria, there was a pre-valentine's day concert. It was called HISTORY OF LOVE 101. The venue was "OCEANVIEW VICTORIA ISLAND LAGOS". Some of the people that performed at the concert were Donnell Jones, 112, Chante Moore & husband Kenny Latimore, D'banj, Paul Play Diaro etc. From what i heard, it was a pretty good concert, but i also heard that it was a bit too expensive. Thats by the side though.

There was also the 2007 Grammy Awards & the Bafta Awards. I heard Jennifer Huston won a Bafta award for the "Dream girls" & Forrest Whitaker won best actor for "Last king of Scotland". I surely hope that she wins when the oscars come up. I'm sure you guyz already know the winners of the Grammy Awards & probably Baftas as well, so i guess i don't need to to put them up here.

I couldn't get any pictures of the HISTORY OF LOVE 101 concert on the net but i guess it will come up later. But for now, i put up pictures of some of the celebrities at the Grammy Awards. I think Christina Aguilera looked nice & also Jennifer Hudson. Beyonce looked like she has her hair glued to her skull, while Nelly Furtado decided to wear peacock feathers to the awards. Bad idea!!!
Now i'm done with updating my blog, i need to go lie down & sleep. My throat is killing me. Once again, HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY people!!! Stay blessed.


Sola said...

Pre valentines concert, now thats intersting, did catch ur post about "sun girls", but I'm off to read it now

Flygurle said...

Hope u feel better..i hate being under d weather too...

Thanks 4 stopping by my blog

Take care

Simply Gorgeous said...

OMG-I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. I hope you feel better.A throat infection-wow, I know it must really hurt to swallo. Sorry-o.

Vickii said...

I hope you're feeling better!

I'm hoping for leo di caprio to win the best actor oscar because that boy is so talented and has given some truly amazing performances in his time ... he deserves it.

I loved christina's dress too ....I'm generally loving her whole look!

Klara said...

I hope u feel better Now!

chidi said...

thnx u guyz!

Mr.Fineboy said...

Great blog...feeling the pics..